Announcing the arrival of As Things Appear, a new collection of stories by Edward M. Gómez, in a first, limited edition published by Ballena Studio.

Each copy of the limited edition of As Things Appear comes with an accompanying card indicating its unique edition-unit number.

Set in contemporary Japan and Switzerland, in the Hudson Valley of the U.S.A. and in the high-charged, trend-chasing New York art world, Gómez’s stories are informed by a skilled journalist’s keen observations of people and places, and are told in a voice that is at once humorous and tender. Atmospheric and insightful, these are spiritual-philosophical fables for our times. 

Inspired by some of the most memorable characters he has encountered and places he has explored in his extensive travels, the stories in Gómez’s As Things Appear reflect the sensitive, probing way of looking at and thinking about the world that has long marked his well-known critical writing about art and culture.

Gómez has always been interested in what it is that makes people tick — in the personal experiences, desires or aspirations that compel them to think what they think and do what they do. In these stories, which serve up slices of lives and descriptions of events, real or imagined — everything from a powerful storm that leaves behind a strange marker on a house in Tokyo to a New York museum curator’s spiritual crisis and unexpected redemption thanks to a gang of Goth kids and some Chinese food — Gómez offers an affectionate billet-doux to the human family’s enduring spirit.

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In prose teeming with elegance, grace, sophistication and wry, absurdist humor, Gómez serves up a banquet of the unpredictable, improbable and unlikely in stories that fizz and glow with the potential of the lived life. Be alive to every moment. Revel in the obstacles before you. Transform each encounter, however implausible or dubious, into a living, breathing experience.”  — Irish writer Alan McMonagleauthor of Psychotic Episodes (stories, Arlen House, 2013)


The Curator is extraordinary. It’s a mystery, it’s a comedy, it’s a spiritual adventure. And the art world—Gómez really nails it!” ”  — Legendary American art dealer Phyllis Kind, founder of Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York & Chicago


“Among the standouts” in The Marijuana Chronicles, an anthology of stories published by Akashic Books in 2013, is “Edward M. Gómez’s ‘No Smoking,’ in which an intellectual young illustrator encounters an eccentric pothead who lures him on a trip down the rabbit hole….” (“No Smoking” is included in As Things Appear.) — Publishers Weekly




  Photo of the author by Bill Westmoreland.

Photo of the author by Bill Westmoreland.

Edward M. Gómez is an arts journalist, critic and graphic designer. He grew up in the U.S.A., Morocco and Switzerland, and has lived and worked in many different parts of the world. He has written for the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, S.F. Gate/The San 


Francisco Chronicle, HyperallergicRaw Vision, Art + AuctionARTnewsArt in AmericaMetropolis, the Brooklyn Rail, the Japan Times (Japan)Reforma (Mexico), the Japan Times (Japan), and many other publications. He has authored or co-authored many books about art and design.

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